A-Spot: The Female Erogenous Zone That Triggers Intense Vaginal Orgasms


The A-spot, also termed as the deep spot, is an erogenous zone located inside a woman’s vagina.

Stimulation of this erogenous zone not only triggers an intense vaginal orgasm, but it also leads to rapid vaginal lubrication.

Location of the A-spot (or deep spot)

Location of the A-spot

The A-spot is located deep inside a woman’s vagina… termed the name deep spot.

Just like the G-spot, the A-spot (or deep spot) is also on the front vaginal wall… but it is located all the way back in the deepest part of the vagina… just before or above the cervix.

Research has shown that there are two A-spots (or deep spots) – the front and back.

The front of the deep spot is the area on the front vaginal wall – just before or above the cervix. And the back of the deep spot is behind the cervix – close to the anal wall.

The back of the deep spot is a little deeper… and this part of the vagina is tilted.

Due to the position or location of the back of the deep spot, anal sex when done correctly can bring a woman to an orgasm…

…this is because the back of the deep spot can be stimulated during anal sex. [Read How to Have Anal Sex with Your Woman]

How to stimulate the A-spot

You can stimulate this orgasm spot using your fingers, a sex toy or during intercourse.

But because of its location, it is easier to reach with your penis or a fairly long and thin sex toy.

If you have a long middle finger, you should be able to stimulate the deep spot.

But if you can’t get all the way to the back with your finger, you can use a sex toy called A&E G-Gasm Vibrator. It is thin and long and has a smooth curved and large tip, which makes it easier to stimulate the A-spot.

Be careful not to hit the cervix… it can be painful for most women.

I have already covered how to stimulate the A-spot in detail, but I will reiterate it here:

The process…

Before you finger your woman, make sure she is properly aroused.

Make sure your hand is clean and well-manicured… and your fingers are well-trimmed.

Plus, use plenty of lubrication.

Have your woman lie on her back with her legs opened.

Now, insert your lubricated middle finger into her vagina as deeply as you can.

With your palm facing up, press the pad of your finger against the upper vaginal wall and feel for a rim, or where the vagina starts to curve upward.

Now stimulate this curved area using the come-hither motion… that is, use the tip of your finger to stroke the curved area as if you are pulling towards you.

Again, be careful not to hit the cervix.

Start with a slow, gentle firm pressure, and gradually increase the speed and pressure as the stimulation progresses.

Keep going and she will have an A-spot orgasm.

But don’t stop there… she can have multiple A-spot orgasms.

So let her catch her breath after the first orgasm… and then, give her another orgasm in exactly the same way.

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How to hit the A-spot (or deep spot) during intercourse

During intercourse, penetrate as deeply as you can.

Aim the head of your penis for a direct hit at this orgasmic spot… and you can expect your woman to start having A-spot or deep spot orgasms.

Stimulation of the A-spot not only triggers intense vaginal orgasms, but it also leads to rapid vaginal lubrication.

An interesting stuff to know

It is possible for a woman to ejaculate from an A-spot or deep spot orgasm.

Even though female ejaculation is more common from G-spot stimulation, a woman can also ejaculate right during an A-spot orgasm.

So be prepared for a possible ejaculation when the A-spot is stimulated.


So there you have it… the female erogenous zone that triggers intense vaginal orgasms.

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