Erogenous Zone

Erogenous Zone

An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that feels particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation.

The erogenous zone, when stimulated during a sexual activity, sends a feeling of excitement to other parts of the body.

It goes by many names… sensitive spot, sensual spot, sexual zone, hot spot, hot button, pleasure zones, etc.

The erogenous zones

These areas include the earlobes, the neck, the lips, the chest area, the abdomen, the inner thighs and even the anus.

Stimulation of these erogenous zones or hot spots sends a feeling of excitement to other parts of the body.

The buttocks are also an erogenous zone… using your tongue to lick and probe will feel good to your significant other.

The ultimate erogenous zones on women

The breast and nipples are very sensitive part of the female body that, when stimulated, provides fabulous sensation and can even lead to a breast orgasm.

The next ultimate erogenous region is a woman’s genitals, known collectively as the vulva.

It consists of the clitoris, the labia, and the vaginal entrance… This whole area is highly sensitive to physical and oral stimulation.

The most sensitive erogenous zone that stands out on the female genitalia or the vulva is the clitoris or more accurately, the head of the clitoris (the visible clitoris). This little button situated above the vaginal opening is extremely sexually sensitive. The right kind of stimulation of the clitoris gets a woman more sexually excited and frequently leads to a clitoral orgasm.

Inside the vagina itself, are hidden erogenous zones. The G-spot and the A-spot are examples… stimulation of these spots can lead to very powerful vaginal orgasms.

The perineum, a region between the vagina and anus, is also highly sensitive to oral stimulation.

The anal entrance is also sensitive.

In fact, the entire body of a woman is a mass of erogenous zone, most especially, when the woman is sexually aroused. Here, the entire body becomes extra-sensitive to touch and stimulation.

The ultimate erogenous zone on men

Unlike women, men have fewer erogenous zones.

Yes, nipple stimulation feels exciting to most men… but not all men feel sensations in the nipple when stimulated.

Now, the ultimate erogenous zone on men is the penis… more precisely the head of the penis.

The penis is extremely sensitive and when stimulated, provides fabulous sensation.

The most sensitive areas on the penis are the penis head, and the area just below and around the head, including the frenulum and the coronal ridge.

Other highly erogenous zones include the testicles and the perineum (the region between the anus and the genital organs).

The anal entrance is also sensitive.


There’re other erogenous zones probably not mentioned in this post.

So when you caress or stimulate any part of your lover’s body and it’s sexually responsive or it turns them on, then it’s an erogenous zone.