The Female G-Spot: The Erogenous Zone That Triggers Intense Orgasms

The Female G-Spot

“The Female G-spot is a highly sensitive spot inside the vagina. And when stimulated the right way can bring a woman to powerful vaginal orgasms.”

The G-spot is an erogenous zone located inside a woman’s vagina.

It is also called the Gräfenberg spot. And it is one of the three orgasm spots inside the vagina.

Stimulation of the female G-spot triggers some pretty intense sensations in the female body. Not only does it lead to a powerful vaginal orgasm, but a woman can also ejaculate or squirt upon orgasm.

It can be so hard to find. And this has led to several debates in the past about its existence, or if every woman has one.

Now thanks to new research, we know that it exists. And every woman has one. And when stimulated the proper way, can produce intense sexual pleasure and powerful orgasms.

What is the G-spot, exactly?

The Gräfenberg spot is a highly sensitive tissue on the front vaginal wall. And when stimulated the proper way can bring a woman to powerful Gspot orgasms.

Unlike the rest of the vaginal wall, the G-spot is raised and somewhat spongy when the woman is aroused.

It is believed that the Gräfenberg spot is the root of the clitoris. [Read the 10 interesting facts about the clitoris]

It feels good to a woman when her front vaginal wall is stimulated.

Stimulation of the front vaginal wall will cause the Gräfenberg spot to be engorged. And the woman will then feel a strong sexual arousal and so experience an intense vaginal orgasm.

And the orgasmic pleasure or experience felt is different from that of a clitoral orgasm.

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How to find the female G-spot

The G-spot is located about 2 inches past the vaginal opening on the front vaginal wall… directly behind her mons pubis.

The image below should help you visualize the location of the G-spot (supposedly she is lying on her back):

female G-spot
Image: Supposedly the woman is lying on her back; the G-spot’s location will be upward. Insert your finger about 2 inches past the vaginal opening pressing, against the front vaginal wall.

It can be felt only when the woman is amply aroused.

When she is aroused, it becomes engorged.

So spending enough time on foreplay will get her sexually aroused. And the G-spot will swell and balloon out.

Have her lay flat on her back with her feet flat on the bed and legs open.

You can put a pillow under her butt to make it easier accessing the G-spot.

Now, insert your middle finger about an inch or two inside her vagina. With your palm facing upwards touch the top wall with the pad of your finger.

The area around the G-spot should feel smooth, but the G-spot itself will feel raised and spongy.

If you cannot feel it yet, go back to foreplay… or give her a clitoral orgasm before sliding your finger(s) inside her again. [Read how to give a girl or a woman a clitoral orgasm]

Most women have G-spots that are closer to the vaginal entrance and you can actually see it when she pushes out

How to stimulate the G-spot

The Gräfenberg spot responds to moderate to firm pressure. And as the woman moves closer to orgasm, she will need more persistent firmer pressure at a faster rate.

Keep in mind that when stimulating a woman’s G-spot, she will feel the urge to urinate.

She will stop you or prevent herself from ejaculating or squirting. Thinking she is preventing herself from urinating.

This is completely normal. So tell her to relax and let go. (More on this later)

You can stimulate her G-spot using your finger(s) or a sex toy. And you can rub against the G-spot or hit it with your penis during intercourse.

When using your fingers, apply moderate pressure at a moderate speed in a ‘come here’ motion.

Start out with your middle finger. You can use your two middle fingers though (both your index finger and forefinger). [Read ‘How to Stimulate the Gspot’ and ‘How to Finger Your Woman to Orgasmic Bliss’]

As she gets more and more aroused, increase the pressure and speed of your movements.

Keep going and she will have a powerful G-spot orgasm.

You can use the above techniques when stimulating her with a sex toy.

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Now, to penetrative sex…

Trying to rub against the G-spot with your penis in the missionary position can be difficult. So the best posture to adopt is to put a pillow under her butt to elevate her hip.

Or put her legs on your shoulder, or place her feet on your chest and aim up rubbing against the front vaginal wall.

When she’s on top, have her lean backward, with her hands on your calves for support, and feet on the sofa by your side.

In doggy style or any other sex position you so wish to try, aim at rubbing against the front vaginal wall.

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The G-spot and Female Ejaculation

The G-spot plays a vital role in female ejaculation, also known as squirting.

This is when a woman ejaculates right before or during an orgasm. And it mostly occurs when the G-spot and the clitoris are stimulated simultaneously.

Some women ejaculate just a few drops; others ejaculate more fluid and push farther into the air.

Some might even drizzle out a little clear fluid without even noticing.

How farther a woman ejaculates depends on her level of arousal, the type of stimulation, and how strong her PC muscles are. The stronger her PC muscles the farther her ejaculation, and pleasurable her orgasms.

Most women tighten their PC muscle to prevent themselves from squirting. Thinking they are preventing themselves from urinating.

But the truth is… it is impossible for a woman to pee when she is highly aroused. This is the same with men; it is impossible for a guy to urinate when he has a full erection.

This is the reason why…

…during arousal the sphincter muscle contracts to close off the bladder. This makes it impossible for urine to come out.

Why she feels the need to pee

Because the female G-spot is so close to the urethra, applying pressure to it will cause a woman to feel the need to pee.

Research has shown that the liquid a woman ejaculates at the moment of orgasm is not pee. It is a clear, slippery fluid different from that of urine. And it comes from her Skene’s gland found in the G-spot area along the walls of the urethra.

So when your woman asks you to stop or she’s preventing herself from squirting, tell her to relax her PC muscle and push out. And that you would love to see her squirt.

When she gets up to pee during sex, communicate with her and assure her that it is perfectly normal to ejaculate or squirt. And when she does, she will experience a powerful orgasmic release… squirting orgasms.

To get her to overcome the fear of urinating, always remind her to pee before you have sex to avoid worrying about it during sex.


The female G-spot does exist and every woman has one.

In fact, it is part of the female anatomy just like her clit.

It can easily be felt when the woman is fully aroused. Plus, you can actually see it when she pushes out since it is right near the vaginal opening.

Stimulating this erogenous zone triggers intense sensations and brings a woman to powerful vaginal orgasms.

And don’t be surprised when your woman ejaculates or squirts during G-spot stimulation or sexual intercourse.

She might drizzle out a little fluid upon orgasm or squirt into the air.

So be ready for some amazing moments when dealing with the G-spot.

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