12 Hot Spots to Stimulate During Oral Sex

Hot Spots to Stimulate During Oral Sex

Ask most women, and if they’re being honest, they will admit that what makes them come hardest is when a man can use his tongue well… on their hot spots.

A woman’s genital area (her vulva) has a lot of highly sensitive spots… and when stroked, licked, sucked and caressed in the proper ways, will make her feel good and ultimately bring her to an orgasm – a clitoral orgasm. [Read how to give a girl or a woman a clitoral orgasm]

The Female Hot Spots

Want to blow your woman’s mind when you go down on her? Here are 12 hot spots you should pay special attention to when you go down on your woman.

You can stimulate these hot spots with your finger, tongue, or a sex toy to give your woman the sexual pleasure she craves.

The 12 Sensitive Spots to Stimulate During Oral Sex

Anatomy of the Vulva - Hot spots

1. Mons pubis – This is the soft mound of skin at the top of the vulva, covered in pubic hair. Massaging this area with the base of your palm whiles stimulating the G-spot during cunnilingus will quickly bring a woman to an orgasm.

2. Front commissure – This is a very sensitive area, just above the clitoral head and clitoral hood. It contains nerve fibers, and stimulating this hot spot, especially with your tongue, will feel pleasurable to any woman. Women with extremely sensitive clitoris enjoy this area being stimulated.

3. Clitoral shaft – This is one of the most sensitive parts of the vulva. And it hides beneath the front commissure. Stimulating this hot spot will get your woman aroused and sexually excited. It protrudes when a woman is highly aroused, and stimulating it will bring the woman to orgasm in no time.

4. Clitoral head – This is the visible part of the clitoris, and often gets referred to as the clitoris or clit for short. With more than 8000 nerve endings it is the most sensitive part of the female body. Directly stimulating this hot spot with gentle tongue strokes and firmer pressure when your woman is fully aroused will give her a mind-blowing orgasm. [Read the 10 interesting facts about the clitoris that’ll make your hair stand on end]

(Hint: avoid direct contact or stimulation with the clitoral head for later, until the woman is fully sexually aroused… focus on other areas first. Plus, at the moment of climax it becomes sensitive to touch, so avoid touching the clitoral head following an orgasm.)

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Moving on…

5. Clitoral hood – This protects the clitoral head from overstimulation. However, stimulating it with gentle tongue strokes and firmer pressure, and rubbing it against the clitoral head will feel pleasurable to your woman, thereby arousing her and coaxing the clitoral head out (where you can apply direct stimulation and drive her to orgasm).

6. Frenulum – This is another sensitive hot spot just below the clitoral head. It is rich in sensitive nerve fibers and is extremely sensitive to touch. Stimulating this area with your warm, wet tongue will totally blow your woman’s mind.

7. G-spot – The G-spot is an extremely sensitive spot is located roughly 2 inches inside the vagina, on the upper wall. It contains highly sensitive tissues that, when stimulated with a firm pressure as you give your woman oral sex, not only does it produces some pretty intense sensations in her body, but it can also give her a powerful combination orgasm.

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8. Labia minora – Also known as the inner lips… they are dense with sensitive nerve fibers. They engorge with blood and swell to nearly double their size as a woman gets more and more sexually excited. And gently nibbling pinching or licking this area gives a woman extreme pleasure.

9. The vaginal entrance or opening – This area is very sensitive since the vast majority of nerve fibers that contribute to the female orgasm are concentrated here. Your woman can derive great pleasure when you gently stimulate this area with your tongue, finger(s) or a sex toy during cunnilingus. (Make sure your woman is amply aroused and well lubricated)

The hot spots below the vaginal opening…

10. The fourchette – This is the area located at the base of the vaginal entrance where the labia minora meet at the bottom. This area can be very sensitive and stroking there with your tongue or gently tickling with your fingertips will feel pleasurable to your woman.

11. Perineum – This is the region between the anus and the vaginal entrance. It is intensely sensitive when the woman is highly aroused, and applying slight pressure to this area with your finger or lightly licking up and down using the tip of your tongue can provide considerable erotic arousal to the woman.

12. The anal opening – The anus has a lot of nerve fiber and it’s a very sensitive part of the body. It is lined with tissue that connects it to the clitoral network… which feels pleasurable to a woman when stimulated. To give your woman a mind-blowing cunnilingus experience, spice things up with anal play – you can stimulate her clitoris with your finger or tongue as you stimulate her anus with another finger or graze the anal entrance with your fingertip (provided she’s comfortable with your finger far down there)

Warning: Never put anything that has been in her anus inside her vagina… as there are bacteria in the anus that you don’t want coming into contact with her vulva. So your best bet is to use the thumb of your other hand to stimulate or graze the anal entrance.


Keep these 12 hot spots in mind the next time you go down on your woman.

And give her the cunnilingus experience she desperately craves.


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