How Foreplay Can Increase Your Time in Bed

How Foreplay Can Increase Your Time in Bed

Foreplay is one of the simple but often overlooked tricks to last longer in bed.

Many men blow their load way sooner than they would like to simply because they aren’t able to control their sexual arousal and excitement.

They often skip the foreplay and head straight into penetrative sex and it is, therefore, no surprise that they ejaculate quickly once they start having sex.

Controlling your arousal and excitement before and during sex is one of the keys to lasting longer in bed.

So if you want to avoid the embarrassment of blowing your load sooner than you would like to, you have to spend at least 20 minutes on foreplay before you start having sex.

Using foreplay to your advantage

The reason why you blow your load early, as previously mentioned, is because you aren’t able to control your arousal and excitement.

The pleasure of being inside a woman rules over your head and pushes you towards the edge of ejaculation even faster.

When you spend a lot of time on foreplay and even oral sex, then your arousal will be reduced to a level you can manage better.

Foreplay gets you more relaxed and in the moment

Making out with your woman, going down on her, or even having her blow you before actual penetration, is going to allow your body to get accustomed to the level of arousal.

Foreplay will lower your arousal levels and make you much calmer and relaxed so that when you start having sex you’re not going to have any problem…

…you’ll be able to penetrate your woman and thrust in and out of her without blowing your load too quickly.

So if you want to last longer in bed, drag out the foreplay as long as you can.

Keep making out with her, suck on her breasts and nipples, touch and caress every inch of her body…

…fondle her inner thighs, eat her out, and if you want to you can have her blow you before you start having sex.

Now, the good news is, spending a lot of time on foreplay does not only help you delay ejaculation and prolong intercourse, it also benefits your woman as well. [Read why Having sex without foreplay can land you in trouble]

How Foreplay Can Increase Your Time in Bed
Spending a lot of time on foreplay gives you time to get relaxed and comfortable.

It increases your woman’s ability to have orgasms too

When you extend foreplay, you’ll be able to prime your woman for an orgasm and then multiple orgasms during penetration.

The time it takes your lover to reach an orgasm will be significantly reduced since she’ll be much more turned on and ready to climax – thus, if she receives the right stimulation.

Warm your woman up with an extended foreplay.

And when she achieves an orgasm – either during foreplay (breast orgasm) or intercourse – the entire game will change in your favor…

…you will no longer feel the weight on your shoulders to perform.

Your confidence will grow… and the anxiety that’s triggering premature ejaculation will be eliminated.


When you skip this important act and head straight into intercourse, it will be much harder to control your arousal and excitement.

And after thrusting for a few minutes, you will blow your load sooner than you’d like to.

So use foreplay to your advantage and last a lot longer during sex and at the same time, give your woman the orgasm she deserves.

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