How to Find Your Woman’s Clitoris to Stimulate Her to Orgasms

How to Find the Clitoris

If you want to give your woman orgasms with your tongue every time you get down to business, then you have to know how to find the clitoris.

Going down on a woman and giving her an outstanding oral sex leading to a clitoral orgasm can relax her more and make her more orgasmic during actual sex.

This is even a great way to start any sexual activity…

…because once she has an orgasm during oral sex, she is more likely to climax during penetrative sex.

But while clitoral orgasms are the easiest kind of orgasm to give any woman, most men have difficulties finding the clitoris to stimulate their woman to a clitoral orgasm.

Most women complain that their partners are off target when they are performing cunnilingus on them. Their men lavish their ‘pussy’ with attention but still do not know where the clitoris is.

So in this post, I share with you how to find the clitoris.

I will first describe what the clitoris is – the real anatomy of the clitoris. After that, I will teach you how to find the clitoris.

If you want to become the best lover your partner has ever had, you have to know the location of the clitoris so that you can well bring her to an orgasm quickly.

With that said, let’s begin…

What is the clitoris?

where is the clitoris located, where is a woman's clitoris
It is impossible to give a woman a clitoral orgasm when you do not even know the clitoris location.

The clitoris, otherwise known as the clit, is a powerful sexual organ.

It is developed from the same embryonic tissue as the penis.

It contains erectile tissue just like the penis. And it gets erect and increases in size when the woman is aroused.

But unlike the penis, it is not used for peeing and ejaculation of fluid.

It has a lot of nerve endings. And it is there for no other purpose other than producing pleasure and orgasms.

Now, here is an interesting fact about the clitoris:

A woman’s upper lip, her nipple, and anus are all linked to the clitoris.

This is the more reason why stimulating these areas feels pleasurable to the woman.

So aside from the clitoris throbbing with potential pleasure, this powerful sexual organ has a direct link to most of the female erogenous zones. (For more interesting facts, read the 10 interesting facts about the clitoris you probably didn’t know)

With that said, let’s take a look at how to find a woman’s clitoris.

You need to know the clitoris location so that you know exactly where to stimulate to give a woman an outstanding oral sex.

How to Find the Clitoris

This is how to find your woman’s clitoris:

Let her lie on her back with legs parted.

Looking directly at her genitals, her clitoris would be located just above the vagina opening (nearest her pubic mound).

If you know where her urethral opening is, her clit will be about half a centimeter above it.

Before going further, keep in mind that the clitoris runs deep and extends throughout her pelvic area. And the little pink button-like you see above the vagina opening is the visible part of the clitoris.

It is called the glans or clitoral head (head of the clitoris).

Don’t mistake the head as the entire clitoris.

The image below should help you visualize exactly where the clitoral head is:

how to find the clitoris, clitoris diagram or diagram of a clitoris
The clitoris contains erectile tissue (just like the penis) and it becomes erect when the woman is aroused.

Keep in mind that the clitoral head is so sensitive that a ‘hood of skin’ protects it.

On some women, the clitoral head will be hidden under this protective hood called the clitoral hood. This protects it from over-stimulation.

In other words, the clit being covered by the hood means you can’t just directly touch the clitoris. So that oral sex or finger stimulation before and/or after her orgasm wouldn’t hurt.

Directly touching an exposed clit when a woman is not aroused (and after she has a clitoral orgasm) can be painful to her.

So the best time to apply direct stimulation to the clitoral head is when she is amply aroused.

With that said, here is how to coax the clit out:

Get her sufficiently aroused by spending more time on foreplay.

The clitoris will be engorged with blood, will increase in size and the head will become visible once she is aroused.

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Still can’t see it?

Then she might not be properly aroused.

So this is what you do:

Gently massage or lick the clitoral hood in circles, to get her even more aroused.

You can also massage or lick the clitoral shaft in circles, up and down, or side-to-side. The clitoral shaft is the clitoral body (it is connected to the clitoral head). It runs beneath the skin and can be felt when it is protruded.

Stimulating the hood and the shaft should get the woman more aroused.

And the clit will emerge.

But if you are still having trouble finding it (locating the clitoris), pull back the hood with your fingers and you will see it.

Aside from getting her aroused to coax the clit out, pulling the clitoral hood back will expose her clit.

So this is how to find the clitoris.

Many people don’t know the clitoris location, and they end up frustrating their partner down there.

But once you follow the above tips, you should be able to see it and properly stimulate her to a clitoral orgasm.

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Found the clit, now what?

why do girls have clits, why do women have clits
Men who know how to find the clitoris and stimulate it the right way to give women the clitoral pleasure they crave will have hot, pulsating sex available to them whenever they desire.

Now that the clit has emerged, don’t go berserk.

Don’t lick directly on it.

The clitoris is so sensitive that most women prefer indirect stimulation. (This means stimulating the clitoral hood as opposed to stimulating the exposed clit itself.)

Some may find direct stimulation pleasurable. But it is best to keep the stimulation indirect. (Focus on stimulating the clitoris directly when you can tell she is on the brink of orgasm)

Gently lick around the clitoral area. Lick along the clitoral shaft up and down, or in circles around the head.

Every woman is different… so find out what your woman responds well to and stimulate her in a similar way.

If you are going to use your fingers on the clitoris, make sure to use lots of lube.

But I recommend you use your tongue instead.

The clitoris is extremely sexually sensitive… and a soft, warm, wet tongue feels much better than a finger (lubed or not).

(Read ‘How to Stimulate the Clitoris’ for more in-depth information about the proper or the best way to stimulate the clitoris.)

Majority of women require direct clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm. But indirect clitoral stimulation may also be sufficient to bring a woman to an orgasm.

If you are a girl or a woman reading this, here is how to find your clitoris:

Sit in front of a mirror.

Start to stimulate yourself, either with fingers or with a vibrator.

Focus on stimulating the area above your vaginal and urethral opening. Or move your fingers along your pubic mound downwards to your urethral opening. And sense where it feels really good to you. (This should be the area between your urethral opening and pubic mound).

Use lots of lube to increase your excitement.

Continue stimulating yourself and the more you get aroused, your clitoris will increase in size and become easy to locate or see.

If you still can’t see it, then pull back the clitoral hood. And you will see a tiny pink button-like.

That is your clitoris (or clitoral head, to be precise).

So there you have it – how to find the clitoris.

Once you know your clitoris location, you can stimulate yourself to an orgasm when you are having sex with your man.

where is your cilt, where is your clitoris
If you want good sex with your husband, knowing your body’s response brings self-confidence.

Do all girls have clits?

Yes, every girl or woman has a clitoris…

…except when for some cultural reasons it has been removed. This is an operation called clitoridectomy (or female circumcision).

It is performed by some cultures to control a woman’s sexuality.

Other than that, every girl and woman has a clitoris, and you can find it when you follow the above step.

One major reason most girls don’t orgasm is usually because the young woman and her partner have little knowledge about how to locate the clitoris to stimulate her to an orgasm.

Final words

Many women find it difficult or even impossible to have an orgasm from intercourse alone. And the ideal way they can have an orgasm is through clitoral stimulation… either during oral sex, applying manual stimulation during intercourse, or friction against it during intercourse.

Now that you know the clitoris location, giving a woman an orgasm shouldn’t be difficult.

Because once you know how to find the clitoris and properly give her an outstanding oral sex, then she will reach orgasm every time.

Stimulating a woman to a clitoral orgasm will make her orgasmic. And her subsequent orgasm will become easier, quicker, and more intense. [Read how to give a girl or a woman a clitoral orgasm]

You can even give your woman multiple clitoral and even vaginal orgasms not just with your penis, but with your fingers and tongue, during oral sex and vaginal intercourse.

So that’s it… how to find the clitoris.

Do you find this post helpful? Then share and tell people about it. And comment below and let me know what you think.