4 Ingredients to Great Sex (and Female Sexual Satisfaction)

how to have great sex

This article is written for every man who wants to become a better lover… here you will learn how to have great sex and sexually satisfy your woman in bed.

Some men view having sex as ‘kissing for a few minutes’ and ‘selfishly thrusting their way to their own orgasm’.

This is mediocre sex, and it only leads to one orgasm… YOURS!

Of course, as a man, you can have mediocre sex and still have an amazing orgasm. But a woman on the other hand usually doesn’t get off from mediocre sex.

No matter how close she tells you she was if she is not enjoying the sex and having real orgasms, she will be disappointed.

And if this happens every time you have sex, she will start to resent you for not giving her the sexual experience she desperately craves.

But when the sex is great, not only will you enjoy every bit of it, but your woman can easily climax… not only ones but MULTIPLES.

Giving your woman great sex changes everything about how she will feel about you and how she will treat you.

In other words, you will have MORE SEX available to you.

With that said, let’s get started on how to have great sex.

Here are the 4 ingredients on how to have great sex

1. Never neglect foreplay

For a woman to truly enjoy having sex and have intense orgasms, drag-out foreplay as long as you can.

Foreplay increases a woman’s desire to have sex.

It gets her so turned on and ready for the orgasms to come.

“Most women need at least 10 minutes of quality foreplay to get their engines revving. Some more, some less… but give it a quality effort,” says sex expert Gabrielle Moore.

So before you start having penetrative sex, spend some quality amount of time on foreplay to get your woman dripping wet and ready for the sex and orgasms to come.

Here’s how you go about it:

Kiss her passionately and fondle her body from head to toe.

Kiss her on her neck, shoulders, and chest area.

Avoid direct contact with her nipples for now…

…instead, kiss and fondle around her nipples without directly stimulating them. (Your woman CAN have breast orgasms when her breast and nipples are stimulated the right way).

Spend at least 20 minutes kissing and stimulating other sensual parts of her body.

Brush her sensitive skin softly up and down with the pads of your fingers (without touching her genitals).

Don’t rush through foreplay to get to sex. [Read why having sex without foreplay can land you in trouble]

Once you’ve warmed her up with kisses and fondling, slowly move down south and stimulate her genital area with your lips and tongue…

…and this takes us to the next ingredient to great sex.

2. Give her exquisitely orgasmic oral sex

‘Exquisitely orgasmic oral sex’ in the sense that here is when you give your woman her first orgasm before you even start having sex…

…and you do it in a delicate manner.

Oral sex, or more accurately cunnilingus, is also essential to great sex.

In fact, some women have reported that cunnilingus is the only way they can have an orgasm.

So after giving your woman some hot foreplay, go down on her and give her an exquisitely orgasmic oral sex.

Here as well, avoid direct contact with her clitoral head for now… (what you know as the Clitoris).

Entice her by teasing her a bit.

Kiss and fondle her inner thigh and around her clitoral head without directly stimulating her sensitive clit or tongue-fucking her. [Read the 12 hot spots to stimulate during oral sex]

Once she is so turned on and so wet in her juice that she is literally BEGGING you to give it to her, slowly masturbate her with your wet tongue to a mind-blowing clitoral orgasm. [Read how to stimulate the clitoris]

Kissing and fondling her all over and going down on her before actual intercourse is essential to great sex.

So relax…

…take your time and give your woman the heavy foreplay and orgasmic oral sex she so desperately craves.

Understand this… don’t think of foreplay and oral sex as something you do before sex. It can also be done during sex. You can take a break and partake in some foreplay, and even go down on your woman to increase her desire more. [Read also how foreplay can increase your time in bed]

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3. Engage her hot spots

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during sex is to neglect your woman’s hot spots as you make love her.

Well, you know of the breast and clitoris… but what you don’t realize is that women have other spots that are very sensitive to kisses and fondling, that can increase their desire and intensify their orgasms. [Discover the 17 pleasure spots she desperately wants you to touch!]

The female body is full of so many erogenous zones with so many nerve endings.

Some of these hot spots are her neck, earlobes, tummy, inner thighs… in fact, every inch of a woman’s body is sensitive to stimulation and fondle.

As you make passionate love to your woman, focus on stimulating her hot spots at the same time.

Kiss her passionately.

Suck or kiss her on the neck, ears, and shoulders.

Fondle her breast and nipples.

Brush your hand against her neck and shoulders.

If you are doing her doggy style, run your hand and fingers over her neck, shoulders, ass, and thighs… everywhere.

Caress her back and her hips.

Stimulate her clitoris.

The more you engage her hot spots, the more she will be primed for intense orgasms.

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To the next point on how to have great sex…

4. Make sure she comes first

Timing, in other words, prolonging intercourse until the woman reaches orgasm, tends to be a crucial element of great sex.

You see, the best orgasm for a woman usually comes from penetration.

Of course, you can give her multiple clitoral orgasms, but vaginal orgasms are the ones that make her sexually addicted to you.

Keep in mind it takes the average woman about 10 minutes of non-stop penetration sex to have a REAL vaginal orgasm.

So you will need to last at least the same amount of time to give her a REAL vaginal orgasm.

With the right element of control, you can prolong intercourse (or delay your ejaculation) and give your woman a REAL penetration or vaginal orgasm.

If you still have the stamina to keep going, then you can aim at giving her multiple vaginal orgasms.

Hint: After giving her some hot foreplay and orgasmic oral sex, she can get off a lot faster.

(If you suffer from premature ejaculation or you blow your load sooner than you’d want, I strongly recommend you check out these two resources: Ejaculation by Command and Extreme Stamina… it will be of TREMENDOUS help to your sex life.)


Summing it all up

If you want to become a better lover and give your woman the sexual experience she desperately craves, drag-out the foreplay as long as you can.

Once you’ve warmed her up with some hot foreplay, go down on her and give her an orgasmic oral sex.

As you make passionate love to her, focus on stimulating her hot spots at the same time.

And finally, make sure she achieves a real vaginal orgasm, before you orgasm or ejaculate.

So there you have it – how to have great sex or the 4 ingredients to great sex and female sexual satisfaction.

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