How to Hit or Rub Against the A-Spot During Vaginal Intercourse

how to hit or rub against the A-spot

The A-spot, also termed as the deep spot, is an erogenous zone located deep inside a woman’s vagina.

Stimulation of this erogenous zone not only triggers an intense vaginal orgasm, but it also leads to rapid vaginal lubrication.

So in this post, I share with you how to hit or rub against the A-spot during intercourse.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

How to Hit or Rub Against the A-Spot during Vaginal Intercourse

There are several positions and postures that are ideal for hitting the A-spot. But the best three positions are…

  1. The ‘foot-in-air’ and ‘foot-on-chest’ missionary position
  2. Her on top
  3. And rear-entry positions, such as doggy style

Let’s get into details…

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The missionary with her foot in the air or on your chest

Have your woman lie on her back.

But, instead of penetrating in the usual man-on-top position (lying face-to-face), kneel in front of her and put her legs on your shoulders.

You can even put her feet pressed against your chest.

Or bend her knees and bring them up to her chest or her chin.

You can improve the angle of penetration by putting a pillow under her hips or bottom.

This posture provides super-deep penetration. And of course, leads to intense A-spot orgasms.

The pillow and/or her legs up narrows her vagina and allows you to penetrate deep towards her anterior fornix (where the front A-spot or deep spot is).

Now, slowly penetrate her and go as deep as you can.

And you will be hitting and rubbing against the A-spot as you thrust in and out of her.

See image below:
how to hit or rub against the A-spot

When she is on top…

…let her squat rather than kneel.

In this posture, she is in charge of bringing herself to an A-spot orgasm. That is, if she knows the right spot.

Aside from your woman being in control of how deep you go, the angle of penetration makes it easier to hit the spot.

See image below
how to hit or rub against the A-spot

Doggy style

This is also another great position… particularly, for hitting the posterior fornix (the back of the deep spot).

See image below
how to hit or rub against the A-spot


Whichever position or posture you adopt, focus on deep penetration. And aim the head of your penis toward her orgasm zone. And you can expect your woman to start having powerful A-spot orgasms.

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