WOMEN: 10 Fool-Proof Ways to Make Your Man Last Longer During Sex

How to Make Him Last Longer in Bed

Want to make your man or husband last longer during sex? Here’s how to make him last longer and receive the sexual pleasure and orgasms you desperately crave.

It’s really frustrating when your man always blows his load quickly during sex, leaving you to finish it off yourself.

It can be really hard for him to figure out what to do to stay longer in bed with you. But the truth is he doesn’t have to do it all on his own.

In this post, I share with you how to make your man last longer during sex and fulfill your sexual cravings.

So without further ado, let’s get to the steps on how to make your man last longer during sex.

How to Make Him Last Longer in Bed

#1 – Communicate with him

Communicate with your partner that you want to help him with his efforts to improve his sexual endurance.

Ask him to involve you.

Encourage him to speak up and tell you what increases his arousal and excitement, and when he’s about to blow his load during sex.

Not only will this give you the vital information you need so that you can take the necessary actions to help him last longer, but it will also help you reach orgasm just before he ejaculates and reaches his own.

Communication is very important and it is key to helping your man last longer during sex.

#2 – Give him a blow job and make him ejaculate before intercourse begins

When a guy ejaculates, it releases the sexual tension in him and desensitizes his penis, taking him longer to climax the second time around.

Giving him a blow job and making him ejaculate will make him last longer during penetrative sex.

Understand this: The reason why communication is key to helping your man last longer is that he probably doesn’t know how to make himself last longer during sex. So if you don’t let him know you are going to give him a blow job as a way to help him last longer, he will stop you when he feels he’s about to ejaculate and rather would want to have penetrative sex… which consequently, he will ejaculate within seconds upon vagina entry and he might not feel the need to go for a second round.

Note: continuing stimulating him after he releases will give him the sexual urge to want to have sex again.

#3 – Get on top of him and take charge… the cowgirl style

Get on top of your man when you start making love.

This position helps him to relax his body and important muscle groups to revel in long-lasting sex. And it also provides less stimulation to his penis head when he is thrusting upwards.

Plus, you can grind your clitoris against his pubic bone and bring yourself to orgasm faster.

#4 – The deeper he goes… the closer he gets to ejaculation

Deep thrusts are the ones that cause your man to ejaculate prematurely. So when you’re on top during sex – the cowgirl position – alternate between shallow and deep thrusting movements to help reduce the extreme stimulation on your man’s penis head.

In other words, instead of going full thrusts all the way and causing him to ejaculate quickly, try some shallow thrusting movements for a while then some few deep ones.

This thrusting technique or movement will also feel great for you too since the first 3 inches of your vagina contains the most pleasure-seeking nerves and the shallow thrust will stimulate you really well.

#5 – Use the stop-start technique

This is simply halting sexual intercourse and resuming later on (after his excitement has subsided).

Now, since you’ve started talking about helping him stay longer in bed, ask him to signal you when he feels like he’s about to ejaculate…

…here, stop any thrusting movement and share a deep kiss before resuming lovemaking again. Preferably, make him pull his penis out of your vagina.

Or ask him to go down on you until he’s able to control his arousal, and resume sex again.

Another method to make your man last longer during sex is to…

#6 – Try the squeeze technique

This is when you squeeze right below the head of his penis when he feels he is about to ejaculate.

If you are on top (the cowgirl position), climb off him and squeeze the area directly behind the penis head with your forefingers and thumb. [Read about the squeeze technique here]

You can also prevent his quick ejaculation reflexes by…

#7 – Gently pulling down his testicles when he’s about to ejaculate

This technique is known as the ‘Beautrais Maneuver’.

When he signals that he’s about to ejaculate, grasp his testicles and pull down very gently…

…his urge to ejaculate will subside.

Another simple trick to make him longer during sex is to…

#8 – Press firmly on his perineum

This is a spot between his anus and testicles.

Firmly press this area when he signals you of an impending ejaculation… it will stop the flow of semen and help him last longer.

(Note: If he ejaculates, then you’re applying pressure to the wrong spot. Try to move your fingers slightly nearer to the anus next time, and make sure you are pushing firmly into the indentation)

#9 – Take control in doggy style

Doggy style is one of the sex positions that are known to cause men to orgasm much faster, especially when your ass really turns him on.

This is a good position for quickies, but if you want to make him last longer then take control of the movements while he barely thrust at all.

#10 – Encourage him to do Kegel exercises daily

You’ve probably heard that Kegels are important for you to perform because they help you climax more easily.

Well, in your man’s case it is the other way around… they help him delay his ejaculation.

Kegel exercises designed for men strengthen his ejaculatory muscle so that he can consciously relax it throughout sex, stay harder longer and last as long as he wants during intercourse.


So there you have it – how to make your man last longer during sex.

Put these tips and techniques to use the next time you have sex with your man to help him revel in a longer lasting sex…

…he will be able to last much longer, and you will receive the sexual pleasure and orgasms you desperately crave.

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