4 Simple But Powerful Ways to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

how to overcome sexual performance anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety is one of the leading killers of longer-lasting sex.

Thinking about your shortcomings and whether you will be able to last longer to give your woman an orgasm will increase performance anxiety and ironically cause you to blow your load sooner than you would want to.

In this article, I share with you simple ways to overcome performance anxiety so that you can revel in longer-lasting sex… and at the same time, give your woman the sexual experience she deserves.

With that said, let’s get to the steps to overcoming male performance anxiety.

The first step to overcome sexual performance anxiety is to…

…relax your mind and body

Sex is very exciting, and when you get anxious before doing it, you will lose control and end the fun before it even gets started.

Now, if thinking about your naked woman gets you highly aroused, then doing one thing will calm you – RELAX.

Get your mind into a calm and relaxed state.

When you relax your mind, it causes your body to relax as well and you get rid of sexual performance anxiety.

If you haven’t started sex yet, find a quiet place and get in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take deep, slow breaths and start thinking about something relaxing to calm you – like a clear blue sky or a surreal waterfall. Perform this for about 20 minutes.

And before you engage in intercourse, practice this simple breathing exercise to calm and relax you:

Slowly take in deep, long breaths through your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth. Focus on breathing into your stomach and not your chest or shoulders – that means your stomach should be moving out as you take in deep breaths.

This will help you reduce your stress level and ease sexual performance anxiety.

For a profound reduction in your sexual performance anxiety and stress levels, and a significant boost to your staying power, practice both exercises once or twice daily.


…let go of your past embarrassing sexual experiences

If you dwell too much on your past sexual performance and start worrying if you will be able to last longer this time around to at least give your woman one penetration orgasm, you will easily panic and sexual performance anxiety will rear its ugly head again.

So instead of thinking of how badly you will perform…

…take the focus away from you and onto your woman

Focus on pleasuring your woman before intercourse.

Don’t be in a hurry to get into penetrative sex.

Spend enough time on foreplay and oral sex.

Not only will this get your woman warmed up and ready for an orgasm sooner, it will also give you enough time to get relaxed and you will naturally forget about your own shortcomings.

Plus, when you give your woman an orgasm during oral sex, your confidence will grow and the pressure and anxiety on you to perform will be lifted.

With that said, you should be able to get over sexual anxiety before sex hits the bed. However, if anxiety is getting a hold on you during sex, there is a powerful method to overcome it.

And that is to…

…slow down and take deep breaths and hold for 5 seconds

This is a simple yoga breathing exercise for overcoming performance anxiety in bed.

When you sense you are about to blow your load sooner than you would want to, back off and relax, or slow down your thrusting movements.

Inhale very slowly for a count of 5, hold your breath for the same amount of duration, and exhale slowly for another count of 5.

Repeat this breathing pattern until you are able to reduce your sexual excitement and performance anxiety.

Keep the pattern of your breathing natural…

…do not force it, else you will increase sexual performance anxiety and make your body tensed – a sure way to blow your load quickly.

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