How to Please Your Woman in Bed

How to Please Your Woman in Bed

“The man whom a woman only wants and never looks at another man beside him is the one who knows how to please a woman in bed.”

Most men, in the throes of pleasure, would selfishly focus on their excitement and ‘pump away’ until they reach orgasm.

But is the woman enjoying a great time too?

Well, most probably not!

In this post, I share with you how to please your woman in bed. I give you step-by-step instructions and tips on how to please a woman in bed.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Here’s how to please a woman in bed: step-by-step

Step #1 – Spend a lot of time on foreplay and engage every pleasure spots on her body

Foreplay is important if you want to please your woman in the bedroom.

Spend at least 20 minutes passionately kissing your woman and caressing every inch of her body…

…engaging every pleasure spots – from her lips, neck, arm, around her nipple, down to her belly button.

Take your time and lavish her entire body with attention.

This will get her so turned-on and ready for sex.

Women need foreplay

There are lots of differences between men and women…

…men are in a hurry to jump into sex, women need a lot of foreplay before they are ready to start having sex.

Men usually go straight into penetrative sex and completely ignore foreplay. When in fact there are parts of the female body you can caress and give pleasure to that will make the woman wild with desire for you.

How to Please a Woman in Bed
There are parts of the female body you can caress and give pleasure to that will make the woman wild with desire for you.

FACT: Did you know that a woman’s breasts contain the same trigger-happy nerves found in the clitoris? And that she can have breast orgasms from just touching her boobs and nipples the right way?


So add foreplay to your sex repertoire and please your woman in the bedroom.

And when you can tell she’s fully sexually aroused and she is literally begging you to fuck her, slowly move down south and masturbate her with your tongue…

…which takes us to the next step.

WARNING: Having Sex without Foreplay Can Land You in Trouble

Step #2 – Go down on her and make sure she comes hard… multiple times

After getting your woman fully aroused and feeling horny for you, go down on her.

And when down there, make sure she has an orgasm.

Did you know that majority of women wished their guy treated them to cunnilingus more often? [Read the 3 bedroom stats you need to know about women]

Here’s a little-known way of giving your woman an intense orgasm

Before your woman has an orgasm, keep her on the verge of coming for as long as you can.

In other words, prolong her pleasure during cunnilingus but don’t let her orgasm just yet.

The purpose of this is to heighten the experience of her orgasm so that when she does have the orgasm, the feeling will be greater than what she would have felt if you had just maintained the usual stimulation.

It is simple.

What you are going to do is to get her as close to the point of orgasm without making her come.

If it normally takes your woman 5 minutes of oral sex or cunnilingus to achieve a clitoral orgasm… then you are going to spend more than 5 minutes to intensify her pleasure and make her orgasm stronger.

So this is what you do:

If you can tell she is about to orgasm, reduce the pressure on her clitoris and slow down.

Now remove your mouth completely from her vulva or stop stimulating her for about 3 to 5 seconds and then return to stimulating her again… applying firm pressure on her clitoris.

Here, she won’t lose the orgasm… she will still be in the pre-orgasm phase.

The only thing that will happen is that the sensations will build up and the orgasm she will have will grow stronger.

It is the fast persistent clitoral stimulation that brings a woman to a clitoral orgasm.

But this time, you are going to heighten the experience of her orgasm by prolonging the period spent on stimulating her.

When you are ready to let her come, apply firm pressure on the clitoris in combination with your come-hither stimulation against the G-spot.

Slightly increase the speed of your strokes and she will have the strongest clitoral orgasm of her life.

Moving on

After she orgasms, that doesn’t mean the sex is over… pleasure her even more by giving her multiple clitoral orgasms.

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To the next step on how to please a woman in bed…

Step #3 – Give her amazing sex through to amazing vaginal orgasms

This is what makes sex amazing to a woman…

  1. Making love to her, but not fucking her
  2. Delaying your orgasm until she reaches hers
  3. Not ignoring her hot spots during lovemaking

Now let’s get into details…

When having sex with your woman, make love to her… do not fuck her.

In other words, take things slow.

Don’t forcefully penetrate her and pound away like a runaway stallion. Instead, focus on making love to her with her pleasure in mind.

Again, take your time and make love to your woman… do not fuck her.

Start sex slowly and get her warmed up to the act.

Let her feel your entire penis slowly enter her… and give her some time to really start feeling it.

As the sex progresses and she is really enjoying it, slowly increase your speed of thrusting and build a nice rhythm.

Giving her amazing vaginal orgasms

When you can tell she is approaching an orgasm – from her grip and moaning – maintain the same speed or slightly increase the speed until she comes.

Make sure you don’t change position or the overall rhythm of your thrusting movements.

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An important stuff to know

In order to please your woman in bed, you need to make sure she has an orgasm… and a great way to do this is to last longer.

Keep in mind that it takes the average woman about 10 minutes of persistent vaginal penetration to have a real vaginal orgasm.

So it is particularly important to make sex last as long as possible for your woman, or she may never get the chance to have an orgasm.

This can be a difficult task if you are suffering from premature ejaculation.

Fortunately, orgasm-control can be learned.

You can learn how to overcome your quick ejaculation reflexes and last longer during sex.

(If you have difficulties delaying your ejaculation until your woman reaches hers and you would like to learn how to last longer during sex, I recommend you check out these two program called ‘Ejaculation By Command’ and ‘Extreme Stamina’ by sex experts Lloyd Lester and Jason Julius respectively)

It is interesting to note that delaying your ejaculation will build up your sexual tension. And when you finally ejaculate, your orgasm will be stronger and more intense.

If you’re not lasting long enough to give your woman vaginal orgasms, you’re NOT pleasing her in bed! And that’s that!

And while you’re delaying your orgasm until your woman reaches hers, pleasure her erogenous zones.

Often times, men focus only on penetration, when in fact there are tons of pleasure spots on the female body to fondle.

What you probably didn’t know

Kissing her passionately and giving pleasure to her erogenous zones during sex can bring her right to the edge of an orgasm.

Suck on her nipples and stimulate her clitoris and build up her arousal quickly.

Again as mentioned earlier, sucking on a woman’s nipples the right way can give her mind-boggling breast orgasms that will leave her breathless.

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Here’s a secret tip to heightening your woman’s orgasm

For a woman, mental and physical stimulation go hand in hand – you CAN’T make love to a woman and ignore her mind.

Women are emotional people… and they want a strong emotional experience during sex.

Sex is a very mental thing for a woman. And as much as she wants you to give her an orgasm during sex, she also relishes the way she is brought to it.

So the trick really is to stimulate her mind while having sex.

In other words, talk dirty or romantically to her.

Women hate silent sex… if you are not talking to your woman during sex and creating a strong emotional experience for her, she can’t be totally fulfilled.

If you want to give your woman amazing sex and get her to experience the strongest orgasms of her life, talk romantically and dirty to her during sex.

Say something like:

  • “Your pussy is so wet baby”
  • “Your pussy is so tight”
  • “Your pussy feels so good”
  • “You love it when I fuck you like this, don’t you?”
  • “You want to cum for me, don’t you?”
  • “Come hard for me, baby”

The key to amazing sex is to focus on your woman and give her the sexual experience she craves.

Believe me, when you are able to do this… delaying your orgasm, making love to her and engaging her hot spots – not only will she enjoy the sex, you will also enjoy it for its full glory and splendor.

As much as a woman wants you to give her an orgasm during sex, she also relishes the way she is brought to it.

Now, to the final tip on how to please a woman in bed.

Secret Tip: Be an amazing lover

If you’re only giving your woman a clitoral orgasm during sex, then you’re not really pleasing her enough.

If you want to really please your woman in bed, then you have to give her amazing vaginal orgasms, including G-spot orgasms, squirting orgasms, and A-spot orgasms.

(Yes a woman can squirt and have squirting orgasms. If you would like to see a VIDEO TUTORIAL of men making women squirt and giving them squirting orgasms, I recommend you check out a program called “Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts”.)

Of course, you can give your woman a stronger clitoral orgasm by prolonging her pleasure during oral sex. But you wouldn’t be pleasing her enough since she can have other kinds of orgasms that are more intense than a clitoral orgasm.

how to please a woman in bed
A woman can have other kinds of orgasms that are more intense than a clitoral orgasm.

I mentioned earlier that you should go down on your woman and make her come harder.

Yes, do exactly that…

…because when she achieves a clitoral orgasm she will be orgasmic enough to have more amazing orgasms.

This way you are pleasing her even more with not just one type of orgasm, but another kind which is deeper than a clitoral orgasm.

So after giving her stronger clitoral orgasms and giving her amazing sex, make sure the amazing sex leads to amazing vaginal orgasms.

Now, let’s look at how to please a woman in bed by giving her amazing orgasms.

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How to please a woman in bed by giving her amazing vaginal orgasms

When having sex, focus on rubbing the head of your penis against her upper vaginal wall. This is where the G-spot is located.

Hitting the G-spot during sex or stimulating it with your fingers will trigger a powerful orgasm.

Not only that, it can also lead to female ejaculation. [Read ‘How to Hit the G-spot During Sex’ and ‘How to Stimulate the G-Spot’]

Now, speaking of fingers… I’ll advise you to finger your woman to a vaginal orgasm before you even start having sex.

That is, after giving your woman a clitoral orgasm, finger her to a vaginal orgasm before you start having sex. [Read how to finger your woman to orgasmic bliss]

Fingering a woman to an orgasm is even a good idea if you can’t last longer during sex…

…because once she achieves all the amazing orgasms (clitoral orgasm, G-spot orgasm, squirting orgasm, and A-spot orgasm) with just your fingers, it wouldn’t matter how long you last during sex.

If you are only giving your woman a clitoral orgasm during sex, then you are not really pleasing her enough.


So there you have it… how to please a woman in bed.

If you are spending enough time on foreplay and oral sex, and you are giving your woman amazing sex and real penetration orgasms… then congratulations! You are one of the few guys who know how to please a woman in bed.

But if you are not, it is crucial that you learn how…

Know how to please a woman in bed and your woman will be willing to please you in return.

Give her incredible sexual experience and she’ll become overwhelmed with a desire to please you.

And when you’re the kind of man who knows how to finger his woman to an orgasm and can last long enough to give his woman multiple penetration orgasms with his dick, you will be among the elite 10% of men in the world who knows how to please a woman in bed.

This will make your woman sexually addicted to you and literally beg you for sex every time.

Do you find this post helpful? Then share and tell people about it. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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