The mons pubis is the soft mound of skin or the pad of fatty tissue at the top of the female genitals… covered in pubic hair.

It is also known as the pubic mound, mons venus, mons veneris, or simply mons.

The image below should help you visualize exactly where or what the mons or pubic mound is… this is the part covered in pubic hair:

mon pubisThe Mons Pubis and the Female Sexual Pleasure

Some women enjoy having their pubic mound massaged during a sexual activity.

This is because there is some layer of nerve endings nestled between the mons and the vaginal canal…

…and massaging the mons together with her vaginal ceiling (where the G-spot is) feels pleasurable for women.

So as you stimulate your woman’s front vaginal wall, use your other hand or palm to press down and massage her pubic mound.