20 Oral Sex Tips: How to Go Down On a Woman

Oral Sex Tips

“The amount of pleasure experienced by a woman when receiving cunnilingus is much greater than the pleasure experienced by a man receiving a blow job.”

Oral sex is a sure-fire way to give a woman an orgasm.

Nearly all women love to receive oral sex or cunnilingus… it is easier and much more satisfying for them than sexual intercourse is. [Read the 3 bedroom stats you need to know about women]

Spending enough time on oral sex will get a woman warmed up to intercourse and greatly reduce her inhibitions (if any) and prime her for an orgasm (and even multiple orgasms) much sooner during intercourse.

Indeed, doing certain things with your tongue on a woman’s vulva can yield extremely pleasurable results…

…so if you want to know how to best perform cunnilingus or oral sex in order to give your woman that gratifying sexual act she so desperately craves including intense clitoral orgasms, then adopt the oral sex tips I share with you in this post.

Now, before we delve into the oral sex tips, be abreast with the following terms:

  1. Vulva – her entire sex organ or genitals.
  2. Clitoris – the entire clitoris is hidden inside the vaginal area.
  3. Clitoral head – the head of the clitoris and extremely sensitive. The tiny button you see above the vaginal opening that is often mistaken as the entire clitoris.
  4. Clitoral hood – the fleshy part covering the clitoris, or more accurately, covering the clitoral head.

Now that is out of the way, let’s head to the oral sex tips.

Doing certain things with your tongue on a woman’s vulva can yield extremely pleasurable results.

20 oral sex tips to give a woman more pleasurable cunnilingus experience

Tip #1: Get her warmed up

Tease and caress her entire body before you make your way down south. Fondle her breast (avoid her nipples, save them for later), kiss and cuddle her and make her want it badly. Spend at least 20 minutes on foreplay and get her so hot and ready for your tongue on her vulva.

Tip #2: Explore around her vulva

Before you head straight for her treasure land, take your time to give pleasure to her inner thighs and the areas around her pussy. Tease her… lick her vulva a little bit, then back to her inner thighs and again to her vulva, before finally putting your mouth on her vulva. (Don’t spend too much time here… preferably 3 minutes)

Tip #3: Start out slowly

Go down on her lightly and slowly. Take your time and slowly and gently stimulate your woman. Whatever technique you use, make sure you do it slowly and gently. Not until she starts moving her hips and gesturing for you to lick or rub faster, stick with the same tempo and rhythm.

Tip #4: Don’t head straight for the clitoris yet

The clitoris, or more precisely the clitoral head, is very sensitive and touching or licking it too soon will cause your woman to feel pain and eventually put her off. Instead, lick or stroke the area around the clitoris first. (Lick her clitoris when she is more geared up and closer to an orgasm)

Tip #5: Indirectly stimulate the clitoris

Instead of licking directly on the clitoris, gently suck on the clitoral hood (the flesh covering her clitoris) together with the clit, and use the tip of your tongue to gently flick the hood while it’s still in your mouth. Or gently (but strong enough) suck and release it repeatedly.

Tip #6: The inner-outer lips of the labia when licked can give a woman extreme pleasure

Lick in, out and all around these folds and your woman will experience more intense cunnilingus experience.

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Tip #7: Don’t forget her breast

When performing cunnilingus, don’t forget about her breasts. Many women enjoy their breast and nipples being caressed while their vulva is being licked.

Tip #8: Don’t go searching for lost treasure

As a woman gets closer to an orgasm, the clitoral head (or clitoris) will be exposed. Then and there, you can try licking directly on it, or in circles around it, side by side or using up and down strokes. After she experiences an orgasm and the clitoris retract beneath the clitoral hood, don’t go digging around underneath the hood with your tongue to find the clitoris. [Read how to stimulate the clitoris]

Tip #9: Tons of surface area to finger and lick

Don’t focus on just stroking the clitoral hood, use two fingers and spread open the outer lips and then use the tip of your tongue to lick in the middle (the vaginal opening).

Tip #10: Use your LIPS more often

Using your tongue alone on the clitoris can be pleasurable to a woman, but a soft and wet set of lips together with the tongue, sucking and caressing the entire vulva will send chills down her spine.

Tip #11: Use your fingers once in a while

Use your fingers if you want to give your mouth a break. Of course, your tongue can produce electric sensations on the vulva, but your fingers can also bring your woman to an orgasm. Make sure your fingernails are clean, trimmed and smoothly filed.

Tip #12: The vaginal opening is also sensitive

During cunnilingus, you can finger your woman or use a sex toy to stimulate her down there. And she can derive great pleasure from the act. [Read how to finger your woman to orgasmic bliss]

Tip #13: Stay away from the clitoris with your fingers

Cunnilingus is not cunnilingus if your finger is doing the work that your tongue should be doing. Since the clitoris is extremely sensitive, a warm, wet tongue feels much better than a finger. A warm, wet tongue can produce electric sensations on a woman’s clit in many ways that the penis can’t. However, you can use your fingers to do other things, such as fingering her or spreading the labia out.

Tip #14: Get her lubricated

Now if you choose to rub the clitoris with your finger, make sure she is already wet so that you can use the natural lubrication within her vagina. If she isn’t, use a good lubricant. If you don’t have any lubricant around, just lick your finger to lubricate it.

Tip #15: Don’t ignore her sweet spot

Pleasure her with your finger inside her and stimulate her G-Spot while you lick her clit. But first, make sure she is wet or well lubricated. She can experience an orgasm from G-spot stimulation. [Read ‘How to Stimulate the G-Spot’ and ‘How to Find Your Woman’s G-Spot’]

Tip #16: Use toys to spice things up

Using vibrators on her vulva while you lick and stroke her clit with your tongue can feel wonderful to a woman. There are different vibrating toys that can stimulate the clitoris as well. (Hint: Don’t rely solely on a toy – provide most of the stimulation with your tongue)

Tip #17: Vary moves and techniques

Sticking to only ONE technique is not enough to bring a woman to an orgasm. Try to vary your moves and techniques, and develop a rhythm (fast, medium or slow strokes) and keep it, especially when she’s close to an orgasm.

Tip #18: Pay attention

Pay attention to the sounds and movements she makes during cunnilingus. It will help you figure out what she likes and doesn’t like. Plus, will alert you to an impending orgasm. Once you start receiving cues that she is feeling really good, continue sucking and licking her in the same manner until she orgasms. However, if you sense that she does not like what you’re doing, switch to something else and ask her if she likes that better.

Tip #19: Do not blow air into the vagina

This is dangerous and may cause serious complications.

Tip #20: Don’t exhaust all techniques

You might have tons of cunnilingus techniques up your sleeve, but keep in mind that you don’t have to use all techniques in one cunnilingus session just to please your partner. Sticking to a few great moves is enough to give your woman the cunnilingus experience she craves. So know what works for her and stick to them.

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Once a woman gets an orgasm through oral sex, she will achieve another one much sooner during intercourse.


So there you have it… 20 oral sex tips for your woman.

Directly stimulating your woman clitoris with your warm, wet mouth and tongue will give her powerful, intense and longer lasting orgasms than with intercourse alone.

If your woman’s breathing starts to escalate during cunnilingus… it means she’s getting more turned on.

If her breathing starts to decrease, it’s time to switch things up.

The more noise your woman makes during cunnilingus the more she’s getting turned on.

So pay attention to her breathing and the noises she makes. Learn what works for her and stick to that.

Although cunnilingus or oral sex is the easiest way to give a woman an orgasm, this may not necessarily happen.

If that’s the case, don’t stress…

…your woman will still enjoy the cunnilingus experience.

And as you become more experienced in performing cunnilingus, your ability to give her an orgasm during oral sex will increase, and you will be able to bring her to more orgasms during actual intercourse every single time.

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