Refractory Period

refractory period

The refractory period, in terms of sex, is a period when a man temporarily loses his erection immediately after he ejaculates.

When a man ejaculates, he temporarily goes limp for a while and therefore cannot get an erection.

“Once orgasm occurs, a man goes into a refractory period where all the physical signs of sexual arousal drain from the body and he returns to his former relaxed, unstimulated state. The penis becomes limp. His heart rate, blood pressure, and sex flush subside, his breathing returns to normal, and the muscle tension is resolved,” says sex expert Anne Hooper in her book, Sexopedia.

Or as sex expert Lloyd Lester has written in his book Ejaculation by Command: The Ultimate Blueprint to Superior Sexual Endurance, “In layman terms, your penis basically needs to take a break.”

“This is the time between two erections – a period when a man cannot be stimulated.”

How long the refractory period lasts

Most men usually have shorter refractory period…

…often less than 30 minutes.

With others, it can last for more than an hour.

So, on average it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours for a man to be able to achieve an erection again after an ejaculation… that is when he’s stimulated.

Only a few men, especially younger men, can continue having sex immediately after they ejaculate or orgasm.

Women are very fortunate…

Women do not experience a refractory period after an orgasm.

Instead, they are capable of experience another orgasm within a few minutes after the first orgasm… provided they receive the right stimulation.

This is how they become multi-orgasmic… achieving an orgasm more than once.

The refractory period gives men the advantage during sex

…most especially, to the men who’re looking to last a lot longer during sex. The refractory period will certainly help you last much longer when you go for a second round.

If you’re a man suffering from premature ejaculation and will want to last longer during sex, then use the refractory period to your advantage… here, the refractory period will give you an improved stamina, thereby lasting longer the second time around during intercourse.

When you ejaculate, it will take longer to climax or ejaculate again a second time… you will almost certainly last much longer the second time.

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