The Simplest and Best Way to Make Your Woman Orgasm

The Simplest and Best Way to Make Your Woman Orgasm

If you want your woman to orgasm every time you have sex, you need to know the sexual positions that will make it a reality for her.

Among these are positions that allow the woman to be on top.

According to statistics, about 70 percent of women can only orgasm through oral sex and masturbation. And women who are able to orgasm through penetrative sex alone mostly achieve it when they’re on top of their partner.

The woman-on-top, and more specifically, the cowgirl position is perhaps the best position if you are looking to bring your woman to an orgasm…

…with you lying on your back on the bed, your woman gets on top of you.

The woman is in control

Most women love being on top during sex because they get to decide how hard and fast the penetration would be.

Plus, they can also stimulate their clitoris.

They can gyrate their hips front and back to provide sufficient friction against their clitoris and prime themselves to an orgasm… and even multiples.

And here, most men love it because when the woman gets on top of them, they get to just relax and enjoy the sultry show.


So if you want your woman to experience an orgasm during sex, let her get on top of you in the cowgirl position… and it’s guaranteed she will experience an orgasm every time on her own.

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