A Simple But Often Overlooked Trick to Last Longer During Sex

Trick to Last Longer in Bed

“While many men depend on pills and numbing sprays to last longer during sex, an exceptional lover focuses on giving his partner a sexual experience she’ll relish.”

Here’s a simple trick to last longer in bed, yet many guys often overlook this when they are searching for ways to overcome their quick ejaculation reflexes.

This simple trick to lasting longer during sex is none other than going down on your woman.

Yes, while your woman will enjoy your tongue on her genitals, you can use cunnilingus to your advantage and stay longer in bed.

Most guys enjoy going down on their woman before sex begins… without even realizing this pleasurable act when performed during sex can help them last longer.

Cunnilingus gets you relaxed and in the moment

Since performance anxiety is one of the leading killers of longer-lasting sex, cunnilingus will help you stay relaxed and in the moment.

So before you start having sex, spend more time on foreplay and oral sex…

…and when you can tell your woman wants you inside her so bad, you begin penetrative sex.

When stimulation gets too intense, and you’re about to explode…

…the trick to lasting longer is to go down on your woman.

While many men depend on numbing sprays and pills to last longer during sex, an exceptional lover controls his arousal and excitement by taking a break in-between actions and giving his woman oral sex.

This way he lasts longer because while he’s getting busy down there, his arousal and excitement drop to a level that he can manage better.

So anytime you feel like your arousal and excitement is getting out of control and you are about to ejaculate sooner than you’d want, stop and go down on your woman.

Give her oral sex until your arousal drops to a minimal, and then resume penetrative sex again.

Do this as many times as you want and you will last a lot longer during intercourse.

This is a simple but often overlooked trick to last longer in bed.

But besides managing your arousal and excitement better with cunnilingus, sufficient vaginal tongue-stimulation gets her wet, and it means that…

… your penis will be less stimulated, further keeping arousal at bay

Women get really wet during cunnilingus, helping you thrust in and out of your woman at any speed without experiencing too much friction and stimulation on your penis that can push you over the edge quickly.

A well-lubricated vagina reduces the amount of friction your penis receives during penetration.

So going down on your woman and performing oral sex on her will not only help you keep your sexual arousal in check… it also produces natural lubrication in her vagina so that you can thrust in and out of her without losing control quickly.

It even gets better

When you’re performing cunnilingus on your woman, finger her to vaginal orgasms.

I have already covered how to finger your woman to a vaginal orgasm in detail, but I will reiterate it here:

Here’s how you do it:

Insert a lubricated finger (preferably your middle finger) about 1-2 inches inside her vagina with your palm facing up (or feel her front vaginal wall with your finger pad).

Using a ‘come-hither’ motion, stimulate her front vaginal wall (where her G-Spot is located) with your finger until she orgasms.

Give her a minute to calm down, and give her another G-Spot orgasm using your fingers.

Now, go as deep as you can until you feel her vaginal curve upward (or feel for a rim)… now, stimulate this curved area in a come-hither motion and give your woman an A-Spot orgasm. [Read how to give your woman an A-spot orgasm]

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This is a total win-win

You will make sex last longer on your end, and she, on the other hand, will relish the experience and see you as the best lover she’s ever had.

If you can properly stimulate your woman with your tongue and finger, she will enjoy it and will reach an orgasm faster. [Read how to stimulate the clitoris]

Truth is, she can even achieve multiple clitoral orgasms during the act of cunnilingus.

So the next time you make love to your woman, use this trick to stay longer in bed – and give her the orgasms she craves.

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