6 Types of Female Orgasms and How to Bring Each One About

Types of Female Orgasms

The male orgasm is pretty easy and we only experience one kind…

…but women, on the other hand, have the ability to experience different kinds. With each orgasm feeling different from the other.

In this article, I share with you 6 different types of female orgasms that a woman is capable of experiencing and how to bring each one about.

Give your woman each of these powerful orgasms and you will make her sexually addicted to you… and she will literally beg you for sex every time.

Now, to the orgasms…

6 Types of Female Orgasms

1. Breast Orgasm

Well, as the name implies, this is the orgasm a woman experiences when her breast, most especially her nipples, are stimulated the right way.

A woman has the ability to experience an orgasm from breast stimulation alone.

A woman can have a breast orgasm when her boobs and nipples are touched and stimulated in the right way.

The female breast (especially the nipples), like the genitalia (particularly the clitoris), are very sensitive. And this is due to the fact that the breast has a direct link to the clitoris.

To make your woman experience a breast orgasm, make sure she is amply aroused before you touch or suck on her nipples…

…spend a lot of time on foreplay (while neglecting her nipple) in order to get her sexually aroused.

Next, move on to pleasuring her breasts without touching her nipples… completely ignore the nipple for a while.

Once she’s amply aroused, suck on her nipples and she will experience a nipple (breast) orgasm.

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2. Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is by far the most common orgasm experienced by women.

Most women are only familiar with the clitoral orgasm and have never experienced any other type of orgasm.

A woman experiences this type of orgasm when her clitoris is stimulated, usually by using your mouth and tongue, fingers, or a sex toy (clitoral vibrator).

To give your woman a clitoral orgasm, get her highly aroused first with foreplay, then indirect stimulate her clitoris – that is, stimulate the clitoral hood (the fleshy part that covers the clitoris) as opposed to the clitoris itself.

As your woman gets more aroused, her clitoris will increase in size and become more visible. At this point you can stimulate it directly, using gentle pressure… and she will experience a clitoral orgasm in no time. [Read ‘How to Stimulate the Clitoris’ and ‘How to Give a Girl or a Woman a Clitoral Orgasm’]

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3. G-spot Orgasm

This type of vaginal orgasm is much stronger and more pleasurable than the clitoral orgasm. But unfortunately, most women have never experienced a G-spot orgasm before.

Many men, including women, believe that the G-spot is a myth… and they believe so because they don’t know how to locate it, not to mention stimulate it.

The G-spot is an area of soft tissue, located about 2 inches inside the vagina, on the top front wall beneath her mon pubis. [Read how to find your woman’s G-spot]

You can give your woman a G-spot orgasm by stroking the G-spot with a toy or the tip of your finger in a ‘come here’ motion. [Read ‘How to Stimulate the G-Spot’ and ‘How to Finger Your Woman to Orgasmic Bliss’]

…or by continuously hitting or rubbing against it with your penis during intercourse. [Read how to hit or rub against the G-spot during sex]

To give your woman this type of orgasm, get her really turned on and fully aroused first…

…or give her a clitoral orgasm, and her G-Spot will be engorged, making it much easier to locate or feel with a finger.

It can be difficult to feel your woman’s G-spot if she is not amply aroused.

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To the next female orgasm…

4. A-spot Orgasm

Similar to the G-spot, the A-spot (also known as Deep Spot) is also located inside the vagina on the front wall… deep inside about 3-4 inches inside the vagina and near to the cervix.

You can give your woman this type of vaginal orgasm with your middle finger, a toy or with your penis during penetration.

Get your woman fully aroused with a clitoral orgasm first.

If you are going to use your fingers, make sure your fingernails are short and smooth… and she is really wet.

If she is not wet, use a lubricant.

Insert your lubricated middle finger inside her vagina as deeply as you can, and stimulate the front vagina wall with the tip of your finger with a lot of pressure in a ‘come here’ motion. [Read how to stimulate the A-spot]

If you are looking to give her an A-spot orgasm during intercourse, thrust deeper and aim at rubbing against the front wall of the vagina. [Read how to hit or rub against the A-spot during vaginal intercourse]

Stimulating the A-spot will get her juice flowing and get her more lubricated in as little as 5-10 seconds and she will experience a powerful orgasm in only 1-2 minutes.

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5. Squirting Orgasm

Squirting orgasm is the most powerful of them all.

The queen of female orgasms… a whole body orgasm.

The ultimate orgasm!

Nothing beats this type of female orgasm.

But unfortunately, many guys don’t know how to give their woman one.

This type of orgasm comes from the stimulation of the G-Spot and A-Spot, with your finger, sex toy or during intercourse.

To give your woman an incredible squirting orgasm, get her aroused and give her a clitoral orgasm.

Make sure your fingernails are short and smooth and she is wet… or use plenty of lubrication.

Insert your lubricated middle finger inside her vagina and stimulate the G-Spot or A-Spot with a lot of pressure until she has a squirting orgasm.

Your woman will feel the urge to pee when the G-Spot is stimulated… and she might prevent herself from squirting (thinking that she is preventing herself from urinating).

Give her the encouragement and tell her to let go and squirt.

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6. Combination Orgasm

Combination orgasm, also known as simultaneous orgasm or blended orgasm is when a woman experiences two orgasms (clitoral and vaginal orgasm) at the same time.

This is another powerful type orgasm… but a difficult one to pull off!

To give your woman this type of orgasm, stimulate her clitoris, while you simultaneously stimulate her G-spot or A-spot.


So there you have it… 6 types of female orgasms every man should be able to give his woman.

Give your woman each of these powerful orgasms and you will make her sexually addicted to you for a long time.

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