What Lesbians Can Teach Us about Sex

What Lesbians Can Teach Us about Sex

“Lesbians generally report a higher level of sexual satisfaction than their heterosexual counterparts.”

Sex is not just about penetration.

The path to orgasm is very different for women than it is for men.

It’s easier for a man to climax during intercourse, but a woman is a bit different…

…a woman needs the right atmosphere and stimulation before she starts having sex.

And aside from that, a woman can achieve more orgasms in one sex session than a man can.

Sadly, the majority of women are not sexually satisfied in ways they want to be satisfied when they are with a man…

…they can only experience an orgasm when they stimulate themselves or masturbate.

So how can you make sure you get your woman’s blood flowing and ready for an orgasm she won’t soon forget?

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The following lesbians’ sex tips would keep your woman’s orgasmic furnace burning hot

#1 – Lesbians set a sexual atmosphere for each other before penetration begins

When it comes to sexual arousal, men are easily turned on and they get an erection until they reach an orgasm….

…women on the other hand, need more time.

Women need to have the right sexual atmosphere before they start having sex.

Learning from lesbians’ sexual activities, you will notice that they start out with some extended foreplay.

They engage in lots of kissing and caressing before actual penetration.

Now, if you want to induce a better orgasmic experience in your woman, start sex from foreplay.

By spending sufficient time on foreplay, sexual intercourse becomes much more satisfying and pleasurable for your woman when you finally penetrate her. [Read why having sex without foreplay can land you in trouble]

Women need to have the right sexual atmosphere before they even start having sex.

To the next tip…

#2 – Lesbians spend quality time on oral sex

It’s obvious… lesbians know how the female arousal works.

Oral sex (cunnilingus) is a very important skill that every man ought to learn.

Cunnilingus is the first step towards giving a woman an orgasm, and even multiple orgasms.

If you perform cunnilingus on your woman and bring her to a clitoral orgasm, she will become orgasmic and she will experience subsequent orgasms much faster. [Read how to stimulate the clitoris]

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#3 – Lesbians take things slow

Most women complain about their men skipping the foreplay and heading straight to penetrative sex.

Women in a lesbian relationship always focus on pleasing their partner first.

To emulate their selfless acts, focus on pleasing your woman before intercourse.

And when you begin to penetrate her, go slowly and enjoy the moment.

Pay attention to your woman and know what she likes in bed.

Build that sensual connection with your woman… make eye contact, smile at her, kiss her, and talk romantically to her.

#4 – Lesbians engage their partner’s hot spots during sex

In lesbians’ sexual activities, you will notice that they pay particular attention to their partner’s hot spots (the erogenous zones), such as the breast and nipple and most especially, the clitoris.

A woman’s clitoris is a key instrument in bringing her to an orgasm. [Read the 3 bedroom stats you need to know about women]

You see, unlike the penis, the clitoris is there for only one purpose… to give a woman sexual pleasure.

So when you are making love to your woman, strive to add clitoral stimulation to the mix.

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#5 – Lesbians puts their partner first

Sex shouldn’t be about your special skills and tactics… or about how big your penis is or how long you last in bed…

…sex should be about the woman’s pleasure and excitement.

If anything at all, sex should be about the postponement of your orgasm until after your woman has achieved hers (and subsequent ones).

With lesbians, they put their partner first…

When you do same to the extent that you have to postpone your orgasm until your woman reaches her, not only will you fully satisfy your woman in bed but you yourself will also significantly enhance the quality of your orgasm.

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Sex shouldn’t be about your own pleasure and the sensations you experience in your penis… but it should be mainly about the woman’s pleasure.

Sex is not just about penetration

Sure, lesbians don’t have dicks, therefore their way of sexual intercourse is not about penetration.

But bear in mind they have dildos (the look-alike dicks)… however, how many times do you see them using it… not much.

When it comes to sex, penetration is NOT the only way to satisfy a woman in bed.

Foreplay and oral sex are essential in building up a woman’s sensual feeling so intensely that orgasm is triggered.

Women in a lesbian relationship are not much interested in intercourse, they are more focused on foreplay, oral sex, clitoral stimulation, and sensuality. [Read the ‘4 Ingredients to Great Sex’ and ‘How to Have Sex with a Woman’]

They take things slow and they try out something new when fondling each other.

So when you imitate their moves and techniques, you will be able to give your woman a wild and exciting sexual experience, and she will thank you for it… in kind, of course.

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