Woman-On-Top Sex Position

woman-on-top position

Woman-on-top position, as the name suggests, is a sex position where the man lies down on his back while the woman gets on top of him during sexual intercourse.

The woman can choose to sit upright, lean forward or lean backward.

This position helps a woman reach orgasms faster… since she’s in charge of her own movements. She is in control of the tempo, movement, and depth of penetration.

Variations of the woman-on-top position

  • The Cowgirl position – In this position, the woman gets on top of the man and faces him.
  • Reverse cowgirl position – This is the reverse of the cowgirl position. Here the woman gets on top of the man, but with her back facing the man… that is, the woman will turn her back to the man and she will be facing the other way.

Woman-on-top sex positions and the female orgasm

As I mentioned at the beginning, the woman is in control of the tempo, movement, and depth of penetration when she’s on top.

She can speed up or slow down.

She can stroke her clitoris or grind her clitoris against her partner’s pelvis and bring herself to a clitoral orgasm.

She can even hold off from climaxing until she’s ready.

With woman-on-top positions, the man can reach out easily to caress or suck on his partner’s breasts to intensify her arousal.

The man can also stroke her clitoris to help her achieve more sensation and consequently achieve an orgasm.