Can All Girls and Women Squirt?

can all girls and women squirt

“Can all girls and women squirt?”

Squirting or gushing is when a girl or a woman ejaculates a clear and sometimes milky, slippery fluid right before or during an orgasm.

It is also known as female ejaculation.

Squirting is an amazing and pleasurable experience any girl or any woman can ever have…

…and nothing beats this one.

Now, the question is…

Can all girls and women squirt?

Can every girl or woman squirt?

Yes, they can.

Every girl or woman is capable of squirting…

…and the orgasm they have before or during their ejaculation is more intense than any other orgasm.

In fact, your girl or woman may be ejaculating and she might not know it.

Female ejaculate or squirt comes in many forms

The amount of fluid a woman ejaculates can vary from only a few drops to squirting across the room and wetting an entire bed.

The amount of fluid and your woman ability to squirt into the air depends on her level of arousal, the type of stimulation, and the strength of her PC muscle.

Women with strong PC muscles not only squirt farther but experiences more powerful squirting orgasms simultaneously. [Read how to give a girl or a woman a squirting orgasm]

(Kegel Exercises designed for women will strengthen your woman’s PC muscle and make it easy for her to ejaculate more fluid and squirt farther.)

Some girls and women even mistake an impending ejaculation as the urge to pee and hold it back for fear of drenching the bed. This is one of the reasons most girls and women don’t squirt.

Stimulating the G-spot leads to squirting

The G-spot is an erogenous zone located inside a girl or a woman’s vagina… a highly sensitive orgasm spot inside the vagina.

It is located about 2 inches past the vaginal opening… on the front vaginal wall, directly behind her mons pubis. [Read how to find the G-spot]

The persistent stroking of the G-spot with your finger or a G-spot sex toy, or rubbing against the G-spot with your penis at a faster rate causes a girl or a woman to squirt or ejaculate… and experience a squirting orgasm simultaneously. [Read ‘How to Stimulate the G-spot’ and ‘How to Make a Girl or a Woman Squirt’]

Stimulation of the G-spot also leads to a powerful vaginal orgasm (accurately termed G-spot orgasm).

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So there you have it… every girl and woman can squirt.

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