10 Interesting Facts about the Clitoris That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

fact about the clitoris

Here are 10 interesting facts about the clitoris that will throw you into a tailspin.

The clitoris, with its visible little pink head located about a centimeter north of the vaginal opening, is a powerhouse of pleasure…

…a powerful organ with no known purpose other than pleasure and orgasms.

There are lots of things you’ve probably heard about the clitoris.

For instance:

“the clitoris is key to giving a woman an orgasm”

“it gets erect just like the penis”

“it contains about 8,000 sensory nerve endings”

“it’s incredibly sensitive”

But did you know that a woman’s upper lip and clitoris are linked?


This interesting fact about the clitoris does not only make your hair stand on end, but it is also a fact you’ve probably never heard before.

In this post, I share with you some interesting facts about the clitoris.

But before we get to the facts, you should keep in mind that the tiny button at the top of the vaginal opening, that is mistakenly referred to as the clitoris, is actually the head of the clitoris.

Read that again… the head.

It’s just a visible part of the clitoral network… and it’s accurately termed as the ‘Clitoral Head’.

The majority of the clitoris is completely internal… what you see is just the tip of the iceberg.

With that said, let’s get to the facts.

Facts about the Clitoris
The clitoris, with its visible little pink head located about a centimeter north of the vaginal opening, is a powerhouse of pleasure.

10 Interesting Facts about the Clitoris That Will Throw You into a Tailspin

Fact #1: The upper lip of a woman’s mouth and clitoris are linked

A woman’s upper lip is one of the erogenous areas on her body. This is because of a special sensitive nerve under her upper lip that connects it to the clitoris.

Softly and gently kissing and sucking on a woman’s upper lip will get her insanely turned on.

Fact #2: There is also a direct link between the breasts and the clitoris

I bet you didn’t know this one too.

Your woman’s boobs have a direct hotline to her clitoris.

A woman’s boobs are known to contain the same trigger-happy nerves found in the clitoris.

That’s why it feels pleasurable to women when their breasts and specifically their nipples are caressed and sucked.

Did you know that a woman can achieve breast orgasms when her breasts are stimulated the right way?


So instead of neglecting these magnificent twin orbs and thrusting your way to your own orgasm, a little breast fondling and sucking before and during sex will be appreciated.

Fact #3: The clitoris and her anus are connected

Ok! Is your hair standing on end now?

The clitoris has layers of muscle that is linked to muscle that encircles the anus. And this is part of the reason why anal stimulation feels pleasurable to women.

Fact #4: The roots of the clitoris is the G-spot

Do women have G-spot? Yes… No… It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that they have a clitoris. And not only is it visible outside, but it extends throughout the pelvic area.

The clitoris has three parts – head, shaft, and legs (or roots). And the legs crisscross the urethral sponge, where the ‘G-spot’ is located.

In other words, the front wall of the vagina is linked with the internal parts of the clitoris… and stimulation of this area triggers a stronger orgasm which is different from a clitoral orgasm.

Studies show that the G-spot is part of the clitoral network. And a G-spot orgasm, like all female orgasms, is a clitoral orgasm.

Fact #5: The clitoris triggers the other orgasms

Now, how many orgasms can a woman have? My bet… about 6 (you can read more about them here: The 6 Types of Female Orgasms and How to Bring Each One About).

Experts have found that all orgasms are clitoral, though, they all feel different.

The clitoris has multiple parts (both visible and unseen parts inside the vaginal area) that extend throughout the pelvic area.

About 8000 clitoral nerve endings interact with other 15,000 nerve endings that service the entire pelvic area.

And the pleasure and orgasms a woman feels and experiences are triggered by the 8000 clitoral nerve endings.

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Fact #6: The clitoris surrounds the vaginal opening

The visible part of the clitoris is what you see above the vaginal opening. But the rest of the clitoris not only runs deep into a woman’s genitals but also surrounds the vaginal opening.

When a woman is aroused, the erectile tissue of the clitoris engorges…

…this is the more reason why gliding back and forth inside a woman’s vagina feels good to her.

Fact #7: Parts of the clitoris also lie on the left and right side of the vaginal canal

This is the reason why stimulating the sides of the vaginal canal with your fingers feel pleasurable to the woman.

Fact #8: The roots of the clitoris run parallel to the labia majora (aka her outer vaginal lips)

And that’s the more reason you should stimulate the labia majora (the two outer folds of the vulva) during foreplay and cunnilingus.

But not only that…

Fact #9: The labia minora has an external connection with the clitoral head

The labia minora (the two inner folds of the vulva) are the lips that enfold within the labia majora (the two outer folds of the vulva)… though, it sometimes protrudes out and beyond the outer lips on some women.

Due to its connection with the clitoral head and the clitoral hood, licking in, out and all around the folds gives women extreme pleasure. [Read the 12 hot spots to stimulate during oral sex]

Fact #10: It gets erect just like the penis

Now, this is another fact about the clitoris.

If you didn’t know by now, the clitoris (specifically the clitoral shaft) gets erect just like the penis.

As little as you may think the clitoris is, it contains erectile tissue (just like the penis) which becomes erect and stiffens up when a woman is aroused.

The clitoris engorges with blood and gets thicker when a woman is turned on… and stimulating it at this stage will prime her for an intense orgasm in no time.

Other facts about the clitoris

  • The clitoral shaft extends north towards the mons pubis.
  • The clitoris is known to have eighteen parts… both visible and hidden. All of which play a pivotal role in the female sexual pleasure.
facts about the clitoris
The clitoris engorges with blood and gets thicker when a woman is turned on… and stimulating it at this stage will prime her for an intense orgasm in no time.


So there you have it… ten facts about the clitoris.

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